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pirate's choir

Little boat and a fisherman
on the stormy sea
waves are crashing and thunder
and lightning light the sea 
wind whistles uuuhuhuhuhuhuh
scared of death he begins to pray
to all the god he knows
sky is breaking and he sees a ship
that’s coming close
but (uuuhuhuhuh) it’s a pirate flag
he thinks of the stories they tell at home
when they sit around the fire
about ghosts and pirates and most of all
about the horrible pirate choir
and the choir goes lalalalalalalala.....
when he enters the ship he is scared
and afraid of dying
but when his feet touch the deck
he forgets who he is
and his mind is taken away (uuhuhuhu)
by a melody, the most beautiful
he has ever seen
when the pirates begin to sing
he gladly joins in
he gladly joins in
and the pirates sing lalalalala.....

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