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In another town in another life
Two people at their windows
Staring into the night
One is pushing, one escaping
One is singing, one is fading
The search for truth is more like
Collecting Fragments of their mind

two different towns, two different lives
two pepole seeking shelter
hiding from the night
one is silent, one is crying
and yet they both are trying
not to fall apart in this world
of broken dreams and broken minds


the harder we try the faster we fall

when all we wish for is not to be alone

it`s never enough and it`s always too much

we close our eyes and hope to touchthe ground


two clouded hearts, two dizzy minds

two people sitting quietly,too tired to fight

when all words were spoken

all expectations broken

what is left might be a merger

of each others mind.


The harder we try...


Another day defeats the night

Two people at their windows

Watching the morning light

And as the day awakens

Their hearts stop aching

And for a little while

they find peace in each others mind

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